EAS- & RFID-Technology

Effective use of resources and professional planning of processes: RFID is successfully implemented in the following fields: Trade, consumption as well as aviation, logistics and services.


Besides the classical application in goods- and inventory management RAKO Security Label offers you a complete protection of goods. Latest state of the art technologies and innovative solution reduce the numbers of theft in production, logistics and retail.


RAKO Security Label offers you high quality RFID-Labels for the correspondent fields with efficient production, perfect design and always on the latest development status of the RFID-technology.


    In the retail sector shoplifting is exorbitantly rising. Alone in Germany the total damage of shoplifting amounts in 2.500.000.000 Euros. In words: Two point five billions! For this reason, Electronic Article Surveillance is an absolute MUST for the retail sector.


    RAKO-Security Label Produktsicherungs- GmbH offers you intelligent solutions: hang tags, textile tags, hard tags or self-adhesive labels combined with the technologies RF, EM, AM and RFID. This electronic article surveillance labels protect your goods effectively and raise an alarm in the exit area in case of theft.


    We offer various types: for the technologies RFID, RF, AM and EM. Besides different label sizes or materials we offer you the corresponding hardware for gates as exit control, in order to avoid loss in production, logistics and at point of sale.