Environmental Protection

For many years now, we have been standing for the correct handling of our environment and we have been trying to make a contribution to a more sustainable world. We achieve this namely by the adherence to our Principles, the achievement of our environmental goals and our environmental management system. The production of environmental friendly products takes place by a responsible handling of our resources


This affects not only our production processes but also our products. We strive to avoid environmental pollution or to limit it to a minimum. We take raw materials from Nature to produce our products and lead residuals into material cycles as far as it is possible and economically feasible. A guiding principle covers all three areas:


"Resource preserving working: Protect the environment, safe the health of our employees and save costs."


The mission statement for environmental protection is firmly anchored in RAKO's Principles.

Principles of the RAKO-GROUP


All employees of the RAKO-GROUP are obliged to a sustainable acting according to the following principles.


  • Consideration of ecological, economic and social aspects when company decisions are taken.
  • Improvement and expansion of the operational environmental- and health protection.
  • Reduction of environmental pollution by our products and services.
  • Protection of resources.
  • Adherence to security related prescriptions for environment.
  • Security of employees must be guaranteed.
  • Reinforcement of the environmental consciousness of our employees and our business partners.


The obligation to adhere to these principles is written in the RAKO- GROUP`s management policy and code of conduct.



Environmental objectives


The environmental objectives of the RAKO-GROUP consist of four pillars:

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Lowering of waste
  • Decrease of paper consumption in administration
  • Enhancing of occupational safety


The RAKO-GROUP defines measurable targets to each of these pillars which are handled in certain project teams. The solutions are documented and examined according to their efficiency. By consequent adherence to our self-defined objectives we could achieve some successes. The quantity of ink waste could be reduced by 25 percent despite an increased production within one year. In spite of these successes we work constantly for the improvement of these four pillars in order to achieve a further development of our self-defined objectives in terms of decreasing environmental pollution.

Environmental Management System


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.


Within our environmental management system we are able to control and coordinate all aspects of the operational environment- and occupational safety and to achieve a constant improvement. Additionally to the system judgments by the RAKO-GROUP`s management, we regularly carry out external and internal monitoring audits in order to guarantee the adherence to requests and to control the implementation of instructions which result from our environmental management system.


At our production site in Staufenberg/Lutterberg we have already been practicing an environmental management system since several years which has been certified in 2003 according to DIN EN ISO 14001. In the meanwhile many of our subsidiaries like Witzhave and Gallin followed this model.


The RAKO-GROUP has a great consciousness towards its environmental responsibility and tries to constantly improve the operational environmental protection.

Energy Management


RAKO Etiketten GmbH & Co. KG is now certified to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011, the standard for energy management systems.


The general aim of this standard is to support organizations in creating systems and processes to improve their energy efficiency.


The certification of RAKO’s energy management system by DEKRA Certification GmbH in November 2015 underlines the Group’s active commitment to improving its energy management and reducing the consumption of precious resources. The implementation of the Energy Management System was accompanied by additional benefits such as improved efficiency, a long-term sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions, enhanced employee awareness and increased transparency of information. The introduction of a strategic energy policy in the company, the definition of energy targets, plans of action and responsibilities, as well as the practical implementation of these targets and a systematic financial controlling process will lead to the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

Waste Management (Waste reduction)


The RAKO-GROUP strives constantly for the reduction of environmental pollution and to save costs. The focus is based on the reduction of production waste as for example, colours, solvent and wastepaper. The waste quantity has been constantly reduced by appropriate measures. In addition to the principle of avoidance the RAKO-GROUP is constantly looking for new ideas in order to increase the recycling rate of production waste. The objective is the long-term enhancement of sustainability. All waste products which are produced by the RAKO-GROUP are subsequently used. None of these materials are disposed on a waste deposit.

Investment in new technologies


The RAKO-GROUP continuously invests in new technologies in order to reduce negative influences on the environment and to save costs. We can realize high energy savings by the application of environmental friendly production processes. Our great center for digital offset printing machines leads to a significant reduction of emissions by now. In addition, we constantly look for new ideas in order to make the common production processes more environmentally friendly. Improvement possibilities are identified by our own project teams. They can be implemented by appropriate measures.

Working conditions and -protection


The RAKO-GROUP strives for a constantly improvement of working conditions by various measures. The adherence to all current laws and regional habits in different countries is obvious. We adhere to the following basic social principles:


  • Right to organize convention
    The right of all employees to enter trade unions and employee representations.
  • Voluntariness
    The RAKO-GROUP is against all kinds of child labour, forced labour and compulsory labour.
  • Payment and Working hours
    The payment and working hours correspond to the respective national legal norms.
  • Occupational Safety
    The protection of our employees shall be constantly improved by various measures.


The success of these efforts was honored by the employer`s liability "Energie Textil ElektroMedienerzeugnisse (BG ETEM). The RAKO-GROUP belongs to the award winners of the prevention prize 2010.