Cooperation between school and business


The RAKO-GROUP is co-operation partner of the initiative Schleswig-Holsteinische Initiative Schule und Wirtschaft. RAKO cooperates with the grammar school Trittau and the comprehensive school Reinbek. We offer pupils the possibility to get an insight into professional life and to collect important practical experience by a taster day, e.g. Girls and Boys Day or an internship. Application training at schools is offered by our H&R employees on demand.



Beruf und Familie


RAKO-GROUP as family friendly employer is a sponsoring member of Beruf und Familie Storman GmbH.

More and more, the family friendliness of companies plays an increasingly significant role due to the demographic change. By this way it is possible to facilitate parents the reentering in working life, to bind specialists to the company and to increase the companies' competitiveness by attractive working conditions. More information about Beruf und Familie Stormarn can be found here: