Apprenticeship at RAKO

We offer apprenticeship positions in different business fields at all production sites - always with the aim of subsequent hiring. Who wwouzld like to know which apprenticeship is suitable,  is always invited to join us during an internship. The apprenticeship takes place “in life”- industrial manager write real orders, media designers work on graphical data for customer orders and media technologists produce the labels which you recognize on a later shopping tour. From the beginning this is a great responsibility – but thanks to our co-operative colleagues and a broad transfer of knowledge you can assist very early in daily business. Important for all training positions is curiosity, friendliness and openness in dealing with customers and colleagues and last but not least willingness to learn. By the way, we were awarded by the IHK Schleswig-Holstein for “excellent performance in education” in 2012.


Following you will find a short overview of the different training positions as well as dual studies at RAKO:


If we aroused your interest we look forward to receiving your application!


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Apprenticeship as industrial manager


The education as industrial manager at the RAKO-GROUP promises many new experiences and a perfect start into professional life.


As an industrial clerk you should be committed and have excellent communication skills because you have direct contact with customers. It is also important to bring along a good organizational talent.


Main tasks during this education will be the handling of customer requests, the calculation of offers, receipt and definition of technical parameters, the creation of order folders as well as the approval of the finished product.

Apprenticeship as media designer


The education as media designer at the RAKO-GROUP offers an introduction in a modern profession and is a good possibility to start into professional life.


As media designer you should work independently, precisely and consequently and with care to the target result. Strong creative skills are requested but customer- and service orientation are also components of this education.


Your main tasks during this education will be examination of data concerning their printability, “cleaning” of raw data, optimization of image data for the planned printing process as well as the designing of digital artworks and quality check.

Apprenticeship as media technologist printing


By an apprenticeship as media technologist within the RAKO-GROUP you become a printing expert and you can do the first steps into professional life.


In order to exercise the profession as media technologist successfully you should be quality-conscious and safe in technological terms. Moreover, you should like the direct contact to a matter. The tasks are based on technical understanding and they require great care.


During the apprenticeship you will have to prepare printing machines for print runs, monitor the printing processes, do the care and service for the working material as well as further processing of the finished product and to provide it for dispatch.

Apprenticeship as qualified employee in warehouse logistics


An apprenticeship as qualified employee in warehouse logistics at the RAKO-GROUP helps you to get in this profession and to start your career after the apprenticeship.


As qualified employee for warehouse logistics you should work reliably and carefully and you should have practical skills. Moreover, a pronounced sense of responsibility is necessary.


During the apprenticeship you have various tasks. You have to pick, to load and pack goods. In addition you are responsible for dispatch and transport of the products as well as the immediate integration into day-to-day business.

Dual studies for business administration


Dual studies for business administration in combination with practical work at the RAKO-GROUP are an excellent possibility to receive, beside theory, a view in the practical field in order to be ideally prepared for professional life.


You should work independently and dedicatedly in order to shape your education actively. In addition, you should be able to take responsibility.


Tasks in the practical field are managing of projects, supporting executives and to bring in your own ideas. Here, speaking English as fluently as German is of great importance as well.

Dual studies for industrial engineering


Dual studies in industrial engineering in combination with practical work at the RAKO-GROUP are an excellent possibility to receive, beside theory, a view in the practical field in order to be optimally prepared for professional life.


You should be dedicated and you should like to take responsibility and be full of inspiration. Moreover, precision is very important as well as very good skills of the German and English language in spoken and written form.


You should shape your education actively by managing your own projects and by assisting our production management.