Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves are particularly suited for promotion, merchandising, tamper-evidence seal and for the decoration of glass or plastic containers.



Folienprint can deliver to you shrink sleeves in films like PVC (shrinking up to 66%), PET (shrinking up to 75%), OPS (shrinking up to 70%) and EarthFirst PLA (shrinking up to 73%) in various thicknesses.






    Promotion packaging


    Provide your product with an additional benefit!


    Increase a product`s added value from the customer`s point of view by adding a giveaway or a cinema voucher, lottery or by the adding an additional gift to the product (Onpack). Duopacks “Take 2 pay 1” or multi-product packagings are also helpful in order to increase your products sales.






    Our specialties are sleeves with perforation/tear strips in different designs and colours, partial glue, for example an anti-rotation protection cylindrical containers and cup shapes, holograms in sleeves as additional product protection element, sleeves with security ink (UV/IR) against product forgery or for marketing purposes, sleeves with DPG logo.




    Tamper Evident



    You want to protect the closure of your product? No problem for our tamper-evident-closure seals! Our sleeves can be printed completely or partially, blank, as decoration, as protection or they can be attached to your product as combination. An additional tear strip can facilitate the opening of the product for the costumer. Furthermore you have the possibility to get an unforgeable product by the use of UV/IR security ink or holograms.




    We decorate your product no matter of its shape! Extremely high shrinking values or sleeves (75%) make them sticking to all kinds of shapes. Let your imagination flow!


    Glass containers

    No matter whether marmalade, beer spirituous or further beverages and foods in glass containers. Decorate your product with our sleeves and make it to be an eye-catcher at the point of sale.


    Plastic containers

    We decorate your plastic containers. Even thin-walled or temperature-sensitive materials can be decorated. Our sleeves allow you to react fast and flexibly on the market demand so that there is no need for unnecessary storage of pre-printed plastic containers.


    Cup forms

    We offer you sleeves in almost all cup forms. Let your imagination flow!